G22S-W – Leatherette Gem Tray – Filled


Sold Individually


Product Code: G22S-W

Size: 263 x 195 x 25mm (W x L x H)
Sold Individually

This white leatherette tray holds 24 x white 22AS and 22S gemstone boxes. The tray has a padded base and can be easily stacked on each other. A mixture of black and white boxes for the trays are available on request. The 22AS (38 x 38 x 15mm) and 22S (38 x 38 x 12.3mm) are new gem boxes that replace the 22 and 22A boxes. The crystal clear lid has an improved secure latch. If you require a tray with the older boxes, we’re happy to provide them for you and it will cost the same.