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Unlock the secrets to boosting your sales with our essential Jewellery Displays Tips! Explore proven strategies to showcase your stunning pieces, captivate customers, and elevate your jewellery business to new height.

Uniformity on your Display Range

Maintain consistency in the material and style of your jewellery displays. This helps create a cohesive and visually appealing presentation, making it easier for customers to find items. The Leatherette Display Full Set it’s the perfect bundle to showcase a full Jewellery Range.

Special Displays for unique pieces

Highlight special or high- value pieces with dedicated displays. This draws attention to unique pieces and encourages customers to explore these exclusive offers. Displaying unique pieces in our Leatherette Pillows, a luxurious product that will definitely increase your sales.

Rotate Displays Around

Regularly change the arrangement and location of displays within your store. This prevents customers from becoming too familiar with the layout, keeping their interest piqued and encouraging them to explore new items and increase sales.

Clean Displays

Ensure that your displays are kept immaculately clean and free from dust or smudges. A clean display reflects the quality of your products and the professionalism of your store.

Neutral Colour Displays

Use neutral colours for your displays to avoid distracting from the jewellery itself. Neutral tones provide an elegant backdrop that allows the jewellery to shine.


Good Lighting

Invest in high-quality lighting that enhances the brilliance and details of your jewellery. Proper lighting ensures that customers can appreciate the beauty of each piece.

Use Odd Number Displays

Arrange your jewellery in groups of odd numbers (e.g., threes or fives). Studies have shown that odd-numbered groupings are visually more appealing and create a sense of balance, making it easier for customers to assess and choose items.


Different Heights

Position some displays at eye level or higher, especially for premium or best-selling items. This ensures that these items are easily noticed and can entice customers as soon as they walk in. Our Leatherette Ring Columns Sets comes in three different heights, a perfect wat to showcase your best items.

Change Displays Depending on Themes

Adapt your displays to fit different themes or seasons that make you stand out. For instance, you can create themes based on season , colours, flowers or St Patrick Day!