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Gemstone box with a layered flocked velvet insert – deep based – plastic

SIZE (WxLxH): 41 × 41 × 15 mm


Code: Ass 22AS

Size: 41 x 41 x 15mm (W x L x H)

This 4cm square plastic box is supplied fully assembled solid colour deep base, clear acrylic lid & multi-layered peelable foam insert with a flock coated top.

The click-on lid latches very well and is manufactured from acrylic ? for excellent clarity.

The deeper base allows for bigger items and the layered insert allows you to peel layers off the bottom, dependent on the size of your product.

Suitable for larger gemstones, tie-tacks, golf ball markers, badges, etc.

Please Note: The lids and bases are NOT interchangeable between the old and new styles of this box.

For smaller items, we suggest you use the shallower Ass 22S.

Price for a carton (80 pieces) / If you require a larger quantity, you may also buy this product unassembled in minimum quantities of 1,000 pieces  U/A 22AS.