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Vacuum Forming

What is Vacuum Forming or Thermoforming?

Vacuum forming or Thermoforming is a process that allows us to mould contoured shapes from sheets of plastic.

What does it take to get a finished moulded part?

We begin with a drawing of the desired part, generally supplied by you.

We determine the size of Vacuum Forming or Thermoforming machine that is most appropriate for your situation, the size of Tooling and the material required.

Then we design & manufacture the Vacuum Forming or Thermoforming Tool, and Cutting or Trimming Tool to suit.

We then mould the parts from the plastic sheets we stock.

In some instance additional services are desired like printing or flock coating. Our in-house manufacturing facility includes the designing and manufacture of the tooling, the moulding of the parts, the cutting or trimming, as well as printing, flock coating and packaging, making us your One Stop Shop.

To determine the cost of the Vacuum Forming or Thermoforming Tooling, and the cost to mould and finish the parts the first thing we need to know, aside from the size & shape, is the desired quantity of parts to be moulded. From that point we will ask other questions, like the purpose of the parts to ensure that we achieve your desired result.

What are the benefits of Vacuum Forming or Thermoforming?

The benefits of Vacuum Forming or Thermoforming are that it is an economical & efficient way to create plastic parts, particularly samples and prototypes. Initial project costs are much less and the lead time from drawing to complete parts is much faster than plastic injection moulding. Where market or other forces dictate a change in design, the changes can be quickly & economically achieved whereas it could be considered cost prohibitive with plastic injection moulding.

What types of products are vacuum formed or thermoformed?

We have made large items like car louvres, paver moulds, cosmetic displays & other point of sale displays, industrial items, medical items, electrical switch boxes, jewellery displays, and right down to very small items like medal box inserts. Many of our Fresh Produce Tubs & Trays have been Vacuum Formed or Thermoformed. (See freshproducedisplays.com.au)

Flock Coating​

To further expand our ability to offer an ‘under-one-roof’ comprehensive manufacturing service. We can now start with an Idea; Design the tool; Make the tool; Mould the product; Flock Coat the product; Die Cut the shape; and finally Pack the finished item.


Information coming soon.

Die Cutting​

Information coming soon.

Injection Moulding

Information coming soon.


Information coming soon.