Leatherette Gem Tray Filled with 24 x Ass 22S Gem Boxes – G22S-BK – 265 x 195 x 25mm

$36.00 ea (+GST)



Product Code: G22S-BK
Size: 265 x 195 x 12mm (W x L x H)

This black leatherette tray holds 24 x Ass 22S gemstone boxes – black/black.
The tray has a padded base which protects your benchtops from scratches and allows multiple trays to stack easily.

The included gemstone boxes have a solid black base, a layered flocked foam insert and a clear acrylic click on lid.
The foam insert is layered so that you can peel the bottom layer off if you have a larger object that requires more space between the insert and the lid.

A clear slip-over lid – G22L – is available as an optional extra.

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